Stage fright is a normal reaction that many dancers experience before a performance. Learning how to manage it and turn stage fright into positive energy is important to achieve a successful performance.

Here are some tips that can help dancers deal with stage fright:

1. Mental Preparation: Try to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming performance by using positive thoughts and affirmations. Imagine yourself giving a great performance and wowing the audience. Focusing exercises and small attention games and acting exercises can help to distract oneself from negative thoughts and help to program a positive MindSet.

2. Breathing: Focus on your breathing and take time to breathe deeply. Breathe in and out slowly and consciously, becoming aware of your breath. This alone can help achieve relaxation.

4. Physical relaxation: Relax your body through stretching or yoga to relieve physical tension. Relaxation exercises can also calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) or autogenic training can help a lot. In the long term, it is worth learning meditation techniques.

5. Visualization: Visualize yourself delivering a successful performance by manifesting the image of a successful performance in your mind. You can also try mentally practicing your steps or routines. Concentrate on positive images and not on what could possibly negative happen.

6. Support: Find support from your fellow dancers or friends. A good conversation or positive feedback can help reduce stage fright.

7. Routine: Make sure you have a routine that you go through before each performance. Establishing a routine can help you relax and reduce stage fright.

Overall, stage fright can be a normal part of the performance, but it’s important to learn how to deal with it and turn it into positive energy, because when you learn to use the adrenaline that’s pumped up by stage fright and fear, it gives enormous energy for top performances on stage.

Through preparation, breathing, relaxation, visualization, support, and routine, dancers can reduce stage fright and deliver a successful performance.

With SK Dance Germany and other associations, I will be offering more workshops in the coming months that teach techniques and exercises to reduce and use stage fright. Individual coaching via Zoom on this topic can also be booked via my Official Website starting April 1st.

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