Recently I was asked:

What I would enjoy a lot when judging at a dance competition?

My answer was:

Seeing less Tricks and especially less acrobatics! There are only two dance categories where acrobatics make sense, it’s category Acrobatic Dance and ShowDance. In all other dance styles acrobatics can be an interesting stylistic device to enhance the dramaturgy of a choreography if used dosed and well thought out.

Sadly I currently have the feeling that I see more gymnastics than dance. Especially in the category Contemporary I miss the artistic expression and the different styles and techniques.

Instead, we see always the same standardized elements, tricks and acrobatics which often have nothing to do with the music, the lyrics and the chosen title/theme of the choreography.

Dancers make themself comparable like gymnasts. I guess this has something to do with the fact that teaching and learning a solid dance technique and developing artistic expression is harder and less motivating than using and forcing Hypermobility and training tricks and acrobatics.

It’s not a good trend.

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