The current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the dance industry worldwide. In many countries the dance schools are closed and competitions are postponed or canceled. Some states allow their dance schools to reopen, some others are not having the chance yet.
Even if we are allowed to have competitions in autumn and winter, we still don’t know if we may be allowed to travel, if traveling will be safe again and last but least affordable?
Moreover we have to think about that all the dancers are out of training. They will have to train a lot to get the same level that they had before the lockdown.

Tom Basco from divatainment, my agent in Los Angeles, and I were thinking alot about this recently. What happens to all the dances and choreographies that have been created for this years season? Can we do something with them? Most of you have them on film already from a competition in January or February or even March when the world has been still ok or from a dress rehearsal or show.  

So the idea came up to organize a virtual competition online. How this should work is explained  in the rules and regulations. 

We have no intention to take this as a serious world championship, which wouldn’t be possible online, but we want to create something to keep you dancers and teachers motivated. We want  you to have at least a bit of a competition  feeling and  giving you some higly qualified individual judges feedback. 

There won’t be any medals and trophies but every entry gets a certificate and a lot of judges tips and feedback. If more money comes in than is needed for the technical costs and the certificates we will create money prices for several categories. 

For  videos of your dances from another competition or rehearsal we created the A section where all videos have to be unedited with no digital enhancements filmed in one take and one angle from the front. We also allow you to film your creation during the next weeks if all safety guidelines of your country concerning covid-19 will be full filled. 

We also created a B Section which allows to edit, cut and create a real movie of your dance, like a music video clip. 

We hope, you all like the idea and are looking forward seeing your talent and creativity.

Please check all the rules and regulations and if any questions occur don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form on the starting page of the website.

Registration will start on the 15th of May, deadline for all entries is June 30. The virtual award ceremony will take place online on the 4th of July.

For more information visit the website:

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